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Bug Dope


  • Buzz Off Deet Free Insect Repellent 4 oz


  • Old Time Woodsman 2oz.


    When I was growing up this was the dope to reach for when you wanted something that worked. Caution: It smells like pine tar. Probably not going to wear it to a party but in the day people in the know would just sniff and say Old Woodsman. Off the market for a long time but it's back. When the first case came in I made the postmaster, an avid fisherman of my generation, close his eyes and waved a bottle under his nose. He shouted OLD WOODSMAN and bought the first bottle.

    • I have been on the farm and in the woods since I was 4 years old and now I am 47. I have tried every bug repellant I could get my hands on, including all naturals and all poisons. I have even combined some old recipes and made my own. I am not going to lie, mine has worked the best, but it has an odor that can be disagreeable.  And even though it is all natural one of the essential oils can not be used by pregnant women.


      At the beginning of last year I tried the all natural insect repellant Buzz Off and it was the only bug dope I used all year. It works and it doesn't smell terrible like my homemade stuff. I got some equine Buzz Off because we have horses. It has more peppermint oil to make it last longer. I gave our farrier a spray bottle of equine Buzz Off to try because when a farrier works on a horse he gets bothered by every fly that the horse does. On his next visit he bought two cases. He claims it is the best bug spray he has ever used. He said the horses don't get to use all of it because he found that equine Buzz Off works great on him too.