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Reflector Ovens


  • Small Folding Reflector Oven


    Includes Oven, Baking Pan, Bag, and User's Manual

    Made from tin coated sheet steel, the dimensions of the oven are 13" wide 11" tall and 8" deep. The bake pan is 13" x 7".

    Will bake any food that you would bake in your oven at home, in the same recipe times.

    With the oven assembled, it is a strong one piece unit, with a handle cool enough to be picked up and moved to facilitate proper baking results.

    The handle remains cool to the touch, not requiring the use of hot mitts.

    The dark baking pan allows complete heat absorption to maintain proper baking temperatures in the food being cooked.

    The shining surface of the oven gives complete reflection of the heat coming from the fire.

    The angles of the top and bottom reflecting surfaces give proper reflection of the heat for the total absorption of the heat in the food.

    The weight of the oven, baking pan and trail bag is only three pounds. Compared to the weight of a #12 dutch oven, sometimes used for the same purpose, weighing 17 1/2 pounds.

    The resilience of the oven material allows for spring back when bent moderately, allowing for the oven to be packed in with normal camping gear.


  • Large Canadian Aluminum Folding Reflector Oven



    Oven measures 21" x 15" x 8" open, and 21" x 15" x 3/4" closed                                             Bake Pan NOT Included


    We have had many requests for a larger reflector oven but have not found what we wanted in the U.S. so we've turned to our northern neighbors. This company has been making reflector ovens for three generations. They have made them for most of the camps and campers in the Temagami area as well as many far away places. They have made many designs and sizes and have settled on this design because of popular demand. It is made of aluminum and has a flip top so you can check on what you are baking and or rotate your pan without removing the oven from the fire. This oven does not come with a bake pan. Bake pan must be ordered separately.


    Large Canadian Aluminum Folding Reflector Oven Bake Pan $35.00

    Large Canadian Folding Reflector Oven Bag       $28.00

  • Professional Guides Reflector Oven


    Extra Large Reflector Oven custom made for Pole and Paddle Canoe. The same specs. as our large oven only 6 inches longer. Requested by several guides to handle larger parties. Does not include a bake pan. Bake pan must be ordered separately.


  • Small Canadian Folding Oven


    Dimensions are:

    15" x 15" x 8" open, 15" x 15" x 3/4" c

    Special Order Only

    Bake Pan must be ordered seperately: $20

  • Jack Mountain 1/2 Sheet Reflector Oven


    This is the nonfolding reflector oven designed by Tim Smith of Jack Mountain Bushcraft. Made of stainless steel and designed to hold a commercial half sheet baking pan. One 1/2 sheet pan included.      


    • It was bound to happen sooner or later, the great Pole and Paddle Reflector Oven Bakeoff. We spent a week up on The West Branch of the Penobscot River and baked almost every day. We purposely took both ovens so we could test them side by side. We constantly get questions about which one is better. The answer was and still is, that depends.

      The first difference, of course, is the size. Count the rolls in the picture and it will pretty well define the difference.

      The second difference is the materials they are made from. The small oven will rust if it is not cleaned and dried and it should be oiled once in awhile, especially before storage. Put away your motor oil and try vegetable oil or PAM.

      The third difference is the top opens on the large oven but not the small. It makes it really easy to check things and rotate the pan. You don't need to pull it away from the heat. On the flip side it doesn't have a handle so when you do have to pull it away from the heat it takes both hands.

      The last difference and maybe the most important is cooking time. The small oven, hands down, is the fastest cooking. If you compare the rolls in the picture you'll see how far ahead the rolls are in the small oven compared to the rolls in the large oven. They were prepared at the same time and placed in front of the fire at the same time.

      Both ovens worked perfectly and we wouldn't hesitate to take either one of them one a trip. If we were taking a large party and cooking time might be precious or firewood in short supply, we might take two of the small ovens instead of one of the large ovens.