Pole and Paddle Canoe

Traditional Canoes And Gear
Made By Hand In Maine

Ice Chisels


  • Socket Head Ice Chisel


  • Ice Chisel Sheath



    • The chisel on the left is hand forged from a piece of car spring . Chisel on the right is ground from a car spring.

      We started out with the hand forged ice chisels. I had my blacksmith make me up a few for myself and friends. I had a couple left over and offered them for sale. Pretty soon I had people calling to see if maybe I had one left. I had two more batches made up and sold them all. I needed another batch and my blacksmith didn't have time to produce them so I ground out a batch and had my welder put them together. I think the ground chisel cuts faster than the forged chisel. I will still offer the forged chisel when I can get them.