Pole and Paddle Canoe

Traditional Canoes And Gear
Made By Hand In Maine

To place an order for items other than canoes or restorations, bookcases, or custom orders please download, print, and fill out our order form. You'll need the free Adobe Reader to download the form. Then fill out the form and mail it to us.

To order a canoe or bookcase, or to discuss a restoration or custom order please call or email us.

Shipping And Pick-Up: Canoes, bookcases, and canoe poles are shipped ground freight at cost. Crating is extra. Wannigans, toboggans, and ice hooks generally require extra shipping and will be shipped at cost. All items are shipped UPS, Fed-Ex, or USPS (delivery confirmation requested). Tracking information can be provided on request. Picking up your item at our shop is available by appointment only.

Shipping Costs:

In 2007 all the major shipping providers raised their shipping rates. The post office also changed their system from weight only to package size and shape. The post office also put weight limits on their flat rate boxes. The result is that any shipping cost is decided by weight, package dimensions and shape, and destination. We had one package, weighing 1lb, that cost $12.00 to ship. We don't charge a handling fee. Needless to say shipping has become a bit of a nightmare. Here is the new system we have come up with to try and make it fair for all customers.

If you are ordering with a check, please include 20% shipping. If the 20% doesn't cover the shipping cost we will bill you for the balance. If you are ordering with a credit card, please expect to be charged for the actual shipping cost. If you need a copy of the shipping invoice, please request it with your order.

We are sorry if this creates an inconvenience, we are doing our best to figure out all the systems and get a feel for the cheapest way to ship each package.

Return Policy: If you receive any product from Pole and Paddle canoe and are unhappy with it for any reason, return it in unused condition and we will refund the purchase price and shipping both ways.

Methods Of Payment: We accept cash (not through the mail), checks, money orders and credit cards (Visa + Mastercard).

If you have questions about any of our products give us a call or send an email.